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For commercial and residential properties, Roseville and the neighboring areas are served by Uni Tree’s professional tree care services. In addition to tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding, we also offer tree inspection as well as disease detection. A team of arborists certified by the ISA that can come to the client’s property can conduct an assessment of the trees and shrubs there to determine the special care requirements that they have. When it comes to removing large, troublesome trees, Uni Tree additionally uses complex rigging techniques and cranes.


How can we best serve you with our tree services in Roseville?

If you want the trees in your yard to look their best, you must give them consistent care and attention. If you would like, we can have an arborist visit your site to assess the particular needs of the shrubs and trees located there. However, even though our skilled teams make it appear to be a simple process, you should never put your trees’ health, safety, or beauty in the hands of anyone other than a tree service company that is fully licensed and insured in Roseville and that employs people who are qualified and experienced in the field. If you don’t know what you’re doing, routine tree cutting can put you and your trees in danger.

Tree pruning- One of the critical services we provide is tree pruning. Regularly planned tree trimming services are crucial if you want to prevent having to go through the drawn-out, complex emergency tree service process. A cost-effective strategy to preserve the longevity of your trees and avoid spending more on emergency services later is to prune, cable, or trim the trees in your yard. When our skilled tree doctors visit your property, they will do a thorough tree analysis so you can determine how frequently your trees need to be trimmed or maintained.

Stump removal-Uni Trees provides stump removal services in addition to tree pruning. We provide this service separately, or you can combine it with a tree removal service for comprehensive maintenance at a low cost! We are pleased to remove a tree stump for you even if you already had your tree cut down by another tree service in Roseville. We recognize that occasionally while having tree repair done on your property, you may not have the time or resources to remove a stump. Maybe you didn’t believe leaving the stump alone would be a problem. Still, today you can easily do it without difficulty. Regardless of the cause, we can handle it for you.

Along with complete stump removal, we also provide stump grinding services. Grinding stumps is a fantastic substitute for total removal. When a stump is ground down, it may appear as though it isn’t even there without any digging. But, once we’re done, you’ll be able to mow right over the tree stump.

Tree removal- Tree removal is another service that Uni Trees provides, of course. However, it might be challenging to predict when a tree will give a risk in the future. To the untrained eye, we have witnessed trees that appear to be in excellent health collapse onto roofs after an otherwise light snowfall. Additionally, we’ve observed hollow and entirely dead trees withstand storms without problem for years. Take the uncertainty out of the equation by using our accurately and expertly identifying problem trees thanks to our experienced and qualified tree specialists.

Tree Emergency Service- Early tree removal or trimming can help avoid the need for emergency tree services. Accidents do, however, occasionally happen. Give us a call if a tree or tree limb has fallen on your roof, car, fence, or property due to terrible weather or bad luck. At six o’clock, did a tree fall onto your roof? Dial us. Did a tree limb land on your automobile at two in the morning? Dial us.


Your safety is our priority.

For everyone’s safety, we’ll never permit our employees to start removing trees after the sun has begun to set. We are aware that there is a high importance on safety. However, we can advise you on the best course of action if you have a tree emergency after dark. Additionally, we collaborate directly with your insurance provider to ensure you don’t experience any unneeded hassles

due to your crisis.

If you are in Roseville and need tree care services, Uni Trees is the business you should contact. We will send a competent professional specializing in tree services in Roseville to your residence to give you a quick and free estimate for the task. We provide tree care services for small residential and commercial properties. We believe in developing a fruitful working relationship with you.


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