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The tree trimming service offered by UNI Tree in Randwick will help to ensure that your lovely trees continue to be structurally sound and add value to your home. In addition, pruning your trees to encourage development and longevity can help lower hanging branches receive more sunlight and air.

Why is trimming trees useful?

You may eliminate avoidable risks by maintaining the tree structure, such as falling limbs, interference with electricity lines, or roof damage. The proper pruning methods can help trees withstand storms as well. Before they go out of control, arborists can structurally prune trees to prevent various health and integrity problems that could otherwise result in dangerous situations.


About Us

The arborists at UNI Tree Services serve customers in Randwick and the surrounding area. Our team has been working in arboriculture for over ten years, so we can competently address any concerns you may have with trees. Whatever tree services you need in Randwick, from the complete removal of potentially dangerous trees to fine-tuned pruning and transplanting, we can do it. Clearing land and removing trees are two of our specialties. Our specialty is tree care in urban settings, particularly in and around structures. Commercial, federal, municipal, property owners, residential, and rental clients are just some of the many types of customers we serve with our expert tree care.


Why do our clients prefer us for tree services in Randwick?

Tree lopping can be a significant undertaking. Mainly if you include in the local regulations and council permission. On the other hand, our tree-trimming services are quick and easy to use. We guarantee you will receive the best tree-cutting service possible if you hire us. We provide a full range of arboricultural services with an emphasis on tree management and preservation. Regarding our job as arborists, sustainability is always our first priority. With years of practice under our belts, we know how important it is to satisfy our clients by paying close attention to every last detail.

Our professional tree services include:

Whether it’s routine trimming or preventing extensive storm damage, our arboriculture services in Randwick always focus on sustainability. Get an opinion from our trained arborists on whether or not your trees could benefit from inner crown thinning, deadwood removal, or corrective pruning. Our tree-trimming assistance encompasses

  • The long-term shape and form of the tree are the goals of formative pruning.
  • Taking disciplinary action means taking off the branches of unhealthy, damaged, or dead trees.
  • The removal of deadwood lowers the risk of harm to people and property.
  • Pruning and shaping the crown reduces the tree’s size, allowing more light to get through and reducing resistance to wind, both of which protect the tree from being damaged by storms.
  • To ensure the safety of your home, granny flat, or driveway, trim any low-hanging branches or limbs in the way. This service will provide adequate space between the tree and nearby buildings without needing tree removal.
  • Care for trees includes activities like mulching and fertilizing to ensure their health.

Among the many things we do, tree removal services in Randwick is one of our services. Let’s hear how we do it:

  • Our tree-cutting assistance features
  • Dropping branches securely, gathering all wood, and raking your yard to remove small debris
  • This tree was removed in record time thanks to sophisticated machinery and rigging.
  • We promise to leave your yard neat and tidy.
  • A chemical or mechanical procedure is used to kill the stump so that no new growth can emerge.
  • When we cut down a tree, we usually clear the area around it, including chipping the branches and removing the brush. Then, depending on your preferences, we can chop the stumps down to the ground or grind them out. We offer both on-site wood stacking and off-site removal of unwanted logs.

Grinding the remains of a tree eliminates the need for any toxic chemicals, making it a very green option. To remove tree stumps quickly and effectively, we use specialized technology. First, all surface roots are dug up, and the tree is completely removed.

Our skilled arborist for tree services in Randwick can also grind down troublesome stumps. In a nutshell, we will get rid of that pesky tree stump for you. If required by the Council—which may be the case, in particular, if a gum tree has been approved for removal—we will clean up your site and plant a tree there.


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