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Trees are essential for enjoying the outdoors and beautifying our yards. However, there are times when trees provide a hazard and must be removed. And to do so, you need call specialists like UNI TREES, who will always recommend tree pruning or branch removal as a first step. A tree may need to be removed for reasons unrelated to its health in some circumstances. If you feel a tree on your property has to be removed, consider the following questions:

  • Does the tree appear to be dead?
  • Does the tree show signs of sickness or decay?
  • Is the tree too near to my house?
  • Does the tree tilt towards a driveway or play area used by family members or pets?


A tree removal services requires specialised labour. Using modern tools, training, and expertise, our experts safely remove trees of all shapes and sizes. To ensure the safe and effective removal of trees, they use machinery and strong, qualified tree workers. Other advantages of employing our tree removal services in Waverly include:

  1. They have researched the issue and understand how to manage, treat, or remove certain trees.
  2. They have got the essential training to carry out proper upkeep, disease control, and removal strategies based on a species’ location and requirements.
  3. You could feel better knowing they’re covered by workers’ compensation and public liability insurance.


To safely remove a tree, thorough planning and risk management are required. The following are the steps that our tree removal services waverly personnel will follow when removing your trees.

Examine the trees. The arborist will do a thorough examination of the tree to determine how the cuts will effect its structure. They will also inspect the root system and the plant’s stability, looking for fractures or other signs of deterioration.

The plans for removal. The optimum method for removing the tree is determined by its height and diameter at the trunk. They can choose between using a crane or a bucket truck, descending to the branches on a rope, or climbing the tree.

The site’s preparation. The area around the tree and the property’s exit must be ready and uncluttered in order to securely and properly remove the branches after cutting.

The safety equipment. Safety equipment will be available before any tree cutting begins. A hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, and chainsaw pants are provided. There will also be climbing spurs, as well as the necessary saddles and harnesses.

Climbing and harnessing trees The arborist will utilise the spurs and harness system to climb the tree.


If you need permission to remove a tree from your property, call Uni Trees; we can help. We will be able to provide you with specific advise based on the type of tree and your location. Our all-inclusive tree removal services in Waverly include tree removal services permit.

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