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For us to enjoy the outdoors and make our gardens more beautiful, trees are a must. However, there are instances when trees provide a hazard and their removal is necessary. And to do that, you should contact experts like UNI TREES. We will always look into tree pruning, branch removal tree removal services in Turramurra as the first course of action. In some cases, a tree needs to be removed for reasons unrelated to its health. Ask yourself these inquiries if you believe that a tree on your property has to be removed:

  • Does it look like the tree is dead?
  • Does the tree exhibit symptoms of illness or decay?
  • Is the tree getting too close to my house?
  • Is the tree slanting toward a driveway or play area that is frequented by family members or pets?


It takes skilled work to remove a tree. Our employees securely remove trees of all kinds and sizes using advanced tools, training, and experience. They employ machinery and strong, trained tree workers to ensure the safe and efficient removal of trees. Additional benefits of using our tree removal services services in Turramurra include the following:

  1. They have studied the subject and are knowledgeable on how to maintain, treat, or eliminate particular trees.
  2. They have received the training necessary to put into practice the proper upkeep, disease management, and removal tactics based on the location and requirements of a species.
  3. You may feel secure knowing they are protected by workers’ compensation and public liability insurance.


It takes meticulous preparation and risk management to remove a tree safely. The procedures our staff will follow when removing your trees are listed below.

Tree Inspection. To ascertain how the cuts would affect the tree’s structure, the arborist will perform a complete evaluation of the tree. They will also examine the root system and the stability of the plant while keeping an eye out for cracks or other indications of degradation.

The removal plans. The best way to remove the tree depends on its height and diameter at the trunk. They can either decide to utilize a crane or a bucket truck, descend to the branches on a rope, or climb the tree.

The preparation of the site. To securely and effectively remove the branches after cutting, the area around the tree and the property’s exit must be ready and uncluttered.

The safety gears. Before any tree cutting starts, safety equipment will be ready. A hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, and chainsaw-protection pants are included. There will also be climbing spurs and the required saddles and harnesses.

Tree climbing and harnessing. The spurs and harness system will be used by the arborist to climb the tree.


Get in contact with Uni Trees if you require authorization to remove a tree from your property; we can assist. Depending on the type of tree and your region, we will be able to provide you with the precise advice. The permission for tree removal services is a component of our all-inclusive tree removal services services in Turramurra.

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