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To avoid damage to surrounding structures, water pipelines, or power lines, removing a tree from a confined place requires experience and accuracy. Uni Trees’ skilled personnel will remove the tree from your property quickly, effectively, and securely, whether it is a sick tree, one that is dangerously near to falling on a structure, or you are clearing your land for a pool or granny flat.


Uni Trees is the go-to firm in Hunters Hill for residential and commercial tree removal services, tree lopping, and land clearing. Our team has already been in operation for over 10 years, gathering the necessary industry knowledge to provide clients with a valuable and high-quality service. We exclusively recruit staff who have considerable training and expertise in tree removal services and cleanup procedures at Uni Trees in Hunters Hill. Our tree removal services personnel, who have obtained the necessary training and equipment, have access to the tools and equipment required for cutting, grinding, and removing trees in a skilled, effective, and professional manner. Furthermore, our crew members are encouraged to act safely while on the job, avoiding the danger of causing injury or participating in risky behaviour.

Any attempt to chop down a tree without the assistance of a qualified tree lopper is dangerous and may end in injury to the person doing the cutting. As a result, we encourage clients to use Uni Trees’ tree removal services services in a safe manner. Engaging our expert crew almost guarantees that your tree will be removed appropriately and regularly. All of our staff are licenced and insured, guaranteeing that we can provide the safest and most competent tree removal services service in Hunters Hill to our customers.


Because trees boost the value of your house, tree removal services is generally used as a last choice. If your trees have been damaged by storms or severe winds, you may have no alternative but to engage a professional tree removal services in Hunters Hill.
Other indicators are:

  • Mechanical damage caused by car accidents or environmental causes such as fires and storms.
  • The tree is sick or dying.
  • The tree is damaging the driveway and the buildings.
  • The tree’s trunk is hollowing out or decaying.
  • The tree is leaning against a building or is leaning more pronouncedly than in prior years.
  • The tree is causing damage to the buildings and driveway.


  • Securely and cautiously lower limbs to the ground.
  • Cleaning up any little debris in your yard and carrying away all wood.
  • Use of cutting-edge equipment and elaborate rigging to quickly and successfully remove the tree.
  • We’ll leave your yard spotless.
  • Eradicate the possibility of regeneration by eliminating the stump or chemically inhibiting it.

Normally, we cut down the entire tree and remove all of the brush. Depending on your requirements, we may either grind out the stumps or cut them as close to the ground as possible. Wood can be taken from your property and kept at or near the tree. We only work with licenced arborists that are extremely informed about different tree species, disease prevention, and other specific talents and methods for both preserving and removing trees.



Allow our team of professionals, who are certified, insured, and licenced to execute the task consistently and precisely, to handle it. Uni Tree is your go-to business for any residential or commercial property tree service in Hunters Hill,
and we always produce flawless results. Call us right now for a free estimate!


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