Tree Pruning Bondi

Bondi is one of Australia’s tourist destinations, not just for its beaches. The city of shrub’s beauty lies in its dense population of trees, making it look aesthetically pleasing to visitors and locals. However, keeping these trees healthy is not a one-time job. Therefore, UNI Trees is the one-stop solution for tree pruning Bondi.

We Are Your Number 1 Service Provider:

UNI Tree is a team of competent individuals who aim to provide effective tree care solutions to locals in Bondi. Our members are highly skilled and offer multiple services, including tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, etc. In short, we are your go-to service providers for tree pruning in Bondi. The team would assist you in the project and effectively complete the job within the estimated time. With the years of reputation, we are glad to tell you that UNI tree has earned a lot of love and trust from locals for their exception tree caring services.

Services You Can Rely On:

UNI Tree is a one-roof station for all your garden needs. Our extraordinary team offers a variety of services with guaranteed results. We also perform regular tree checkups to maintain the integrity of their structure and give your property a clean look. Some of our most delivered services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree maintenance
  • Wood chipping
  • Stump removal
  • Land cleanup

Why Us?

UNI tree is a reputable firm with decades of experience in the tree maintenance and caring field. Our team of professional arborists is certified through renowned councils and skilled enough to perform any task within the estimated time. Besides this, as Bondi residents, we understand that each tree is different, so we treat them according to their needs. We always aim to provide value-to-money services with noticeable results.

How Do We Bring Up Quality Every Time?

Being in the industry for the longest time, we understand the need for different trees. Therefore, we always come in prepared for any situation. Our highly skilled team is well equipped with industry-leading tools and machinery to tackle any project efficiently. Moreover, we keep broadening our knowledge about new, different and effective techniques that can help make the process more accessible as well as a result in every season. Beyond the quality, our clients love us as we provide them end-to-end services leaving their property as they imagined.


  1. Do I need the council’s permission for tree pruning or removal?

Well, each state council has different rules for TPO (tree preservation orders), so it will be hassle-free if you look out for your council’s rules and regulations. Otherwise, our team is well versed with various laws on which you can get advice.

Want To Hire Us?

If you are looking for a professional team for tree pruning in Bondi, then UNI Tree is one of Bondi’s most known service providers. You can check our testimonials to gain insight into what our previous clients say about us. Or, if you need to get an estimate or process walk-in details, just contact us through our phone or initiate a chat service through our web.


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