Tree Pruning

A refreshing environment that soothes both mind and soul is always desirable. Trees are the key providers for such positive, healthy and peaceful environment. However, you might have noticed that the trees in our backyards and along our streets don’t have quite as much freedom as forest trees.

In the forest, trees are their own bosses. They play with their own rules, spread their limbs out, stretch their branches up high and shed weak limbs down to the forest floor in a freefall.

Well, this is where tree pruning comes in. It helps us pluck the fruitful benefits of trees while ensuring they grow strong and do not become a safety hazard.

What is Pruning?

Tree pruning is basically the removal of selective branches from a tree. This improves the overall structure of a tree and directs new, healthy growth.

As easy as it may sound, pruning requires expertise and proficiency. Improper tree pruning can be detrimental to the appearance and healthy growth of trees and may result in irrecoverable damage.

Say farewell to dead, broken or damaged branches because UNI TREES is at your rescue. Our specialists are there to secure your trees’ overall health, structure and growth while keeping your property’s safety in check.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Trees are like children, they require attention, care and appropriate measures to direct them towards healthy growth. If a child is left unattended, he will surely grow. The question is will he develop? Growing is an inevitable process, whereas development requires direction, guidance and assistance. Likewise, a tree needs the guidance to grow strong and healthy. This is what tree pruning does. It helps the Tree to develop efficiently not causing any safety alarms and enhances their structure, giving them a more sophisticated look in a way that elevates the overall beauty of the environment.

Following are the most prominent benefits of tree pruning:

  • Goodbye to broken or damaged branches.
  • Saves your property from potential damage caused by fallen branches.
  • Trains trees to grow on your terms so that branches won’t hang over the roof or stretch into power lines.
  • Give trees a clean, polished look that elevates your whole landscape.
  • Sets up the Tree with a good foundation for long-term health.

What are the different methods of pruning?

Size Management: It cuts down a tree’s height or width. This method is typically aimed to shorten inching branches that disturb the utility lines or to reduce a wide-spread tree and also to ensure the Tree isn’t bearing an unsafe amount of weight for its size.

Reducing density: This method removes the limbs of a tree all the way back to their branch of origin. Thus, frees up a full canopy allowing more sunlight to go through.

Maintaining health: It can be called as a fine-tuning of a tree. Simple cuts are used to clear out dead, diseased, and damaged limbs to give the Tree a polished look.

Structural (subordination): It is a combination of multiple methods from the above-mentioned techniques to preserve a tree’s long-term health and strength.

Why us?

Our professionals at UNI TREES specialize in dealing with tricky tree pruning jobs and other services. Whether you’re concerned about a tree’s maintenance, health or looks. We’ve got you covered. Our committed team is there to provide you services that match your desirable objectives. Give us a call and consider your concerns in safe hands.