Tree Lopping

Are you the one who loves to be near strong, healthy, leafy trees with blooming flowers? I mean, who doesn’t! but, did your garden turned out to be as you imagined? Or does it look messy and is somehow a heartbreak to your expectations? 

Do not worry, you can have a perfectly healthy garden with great aesthetic pleasure in no time. Ever heard of Tree Lopping? UNI Trees are experts at tree lopping with years of proven experience working with and around trees. So here is a bit more about our service:

What is Tree Lopping?

It is basically a measure for taken to elevate curb appeal. It involves the modification of trees by trimming certain areas to give it a clean-cut look.

Tree Lopping is commonly confused with tree pruning as they both have to do with the trimming of branches. The difference in the technique of trimming for each of these measures is however quite comprehensible for our experts.

you can understand the distinction as them having separate purposes. Tree Lopping is more concerned of the aesthetics. It basically carves a tree to acquire a beautiful, more symmetrical appearance.

While pruning is done to stimulate new, healthy growth of the Tree, preventing it from diseases and to repair any damages caused by harsh weather conditions.

What are the benefits of Tree Lopping?

Though lopping is more focused on the appeal of a tree. It does enhance a tree’s health, as it removes all the damaged parts that could be harmful to the Tree. Besides, nothing can look great from the outside if it isn’t healthy from within.

Has anybody ever asked you if you’re doing fine, out of nowhere, even when you’ve wore your makeup and dressed like any usual day? Or have you ever noticed people being attracted to your vibe on a day you feel completely healthy and happy? Well, this explains Tree Lopping. It is the tuning of your Tree from both outside and within, which gives it an irresistible glamour.

It is extremely beneficial for tall trees as extreme wind conditions can make them increasingly unstable, making them a potential risk to others.

Also, it helps to direct the growth of your Tree as per your desire. However, this technique may be unfavorable for the trees in certain circumstances. Tree Lopping can involve cutting the sections from the Tree that might be healthy yet not appealing and ruining the symmetrical appeal. As a result, trees become stressed and badly affected.

UNI TREES understands your needs and desires but also keeps the preservation of nature as their priority. Therefore, we work in an eco-friendly way and aim to benefit both you and your trees. Manipulating plants for the sake of pleasure is strictly against our work ethics.

We also keep in mind that there isn’t any imbalance caused by any of the services especially Tree Lopping, in your Tree’s crown to root ratio. In such situations your Tree’s ability to create energy from food is largely disturbed. This happens because more branches and leaves mean more energy as a result of photosynthesis. This may significantly deduct if lopping disturbs the balance of a tree.

Our services for tree lopping are performed by skilled experts who aim to carve out a beautiful, healthy tree to save your trees from becoming cumbersome and overcrowded, destroying their look and health as well. If you want your trees to become healthy and glamorous, give us a call and let your trees be handled under our love and care.