Stump Grinding


It can be bothersome to be left with unattractive and thick tree stumps, particularly when you intend to redo some plants or regenerate your flora.

Our arborists, who are equipped with a variety of grinders, can start by removing any tree stump, regardless of size or placement. We can help you to remove any ugly-looking stumps from your land, whether residential or business. Moreover, once the stump is cleared, it will be completely reprocessed into biofuel — one of several ways we help the planet.

Why is it necessary?

Stump grinding is one of the most popular tree removal choices available. It is widely regarded as the quickest and easiest technique of stump removal. However, it is only suggested for passive tree species that do not regrow roots. These roots can be left inside the ground to decompose naturally.

How does it work?

Stump grinding is done with specialized, high-powered machines and tools that feature powerful, spinning blades. These machines lift the stump and grind it into tiny chunks. The stump should be below the earth’s surface in the end. Stump grinding generates a significant amount of wood shavings, which property owners can simply add to their eco-friendly trash bin or use in their garden.

The Advantages of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an excellent option, but it is critical to first consult with Universal Tree Care Services because we can advise you on your particular situation better. Stump grinding has numerous advantages; thus it is considered to be the preferred method anytime its feasible. Among the advantages of stump grinding are:

  • Budget-friendly: Stump grinding is the least expensive option among the alternatives available to homeowners when hiring a tree removal service. It’s extremely affordable, which makes it suitable for everyone.
  • Speed: Tree removal takes time, but stump grinding is swift. The stump is quickly ground back to smaller pieces.
  • Environmentally friendly: Stump grinding is also better for the environment than other options because it generates no waste. The mulch is composted after it has been ground up. Many homeowners keep the mulch and use it in their gardens.
  • Safety: When performed by experts, stump grinding is also relatively safe not only for the operators but also for the climate.

Why should you hire professionals for the job?

As a prize-winning contractor, we have extensive experience and skill in stump removal. To wear down the stump, we use specialized stump grinding machinery. Once the stump has been sufficiently knackered, our team will exhume it, creating a hole that we will fill with a mixture of soil and wood grindings. The mound will look great as it settles, and no one will know there was ever a tree there.

Allow our trained arborists to handle the problem for a convenient and hassle-free solution to your unwanted tree stumps. If you need a tree stump removed or ground down, please contact us right away.

Why should you choose us?

  • A variety of grinding machinery to handle stumps of all sizes and shape
  • Stump removed to surface level 
  • Expert technicians that are easily available 

Stump grinding can be risky, so technicians must be trained on the precautions they should take. All operators must wear protective clothing and be knowledgeable on how to avoid unforeseen property damage. Even though you can borrow stump grinders by yourself, it is preferable to work with Universal Tree Care Services.

Our tree care experts can show up at your home and check the trees in your yard or garden to determine whether or not the stump should be removed.