Emergency Tree Services

Is there a tree keeping you at a risk of serious injury? Are there any trees nearby that may interrupt powerlines and start fire? What are you waiting for then? pick up your phones and give us a call for an emergency tree removal. Do not neglect such conditions or you might viciously get harmed.


When should I call for an emergency tree removal?

These tree services are mainly necessitated in extreme conditions that pose severe risks and imminent threat to people or even nearby structures. It is not for any aesthetic or convenience reasons, such as overcrowding. This measure is aimed for safety purposes and only in cases of irrecoverable, hazardous damages. Some of the most common situations are following:

  • Storm stricken trees
  • Structurally defected trees
  • Sudden indications of internal rot
  • Loss of huge limbs causing compromised canopy
  • Infectious Tree

Moreover, scenarios when trees are diseased or damaged or even placed near powerlines are considered urgent and require immediate removal. As bush fires become a potential hazard. Also, uprooted trees can damage underground services. Therefore, seven-meter distance between the pole and trees is a must.

Viruses, pests and fungi often find their way into the trees and act as a slow poison that kills the Tree from within. The Tree may seem unhealthy in such conditions yet it isn’t just unhealthy, it’s hazardous as well. Therefore, it must be diagnosed and immediately removed if the internal decay is irrecoverable.

What are the signs of a diseased tree?

  • Powdery white mildew
  • Peeling bark
  • Seeping fluid
  • Yellow, brown, wilted or spotted leaves
  • Gall (lumpy growths)
  • Holes in bark

Hurricanes, tornados and windstorms can grab a tree’s canopy and uproot it. Rainstorms and flooding can loosen the sediment and cause a tree to topple. Harsh winds and lightning can snap a tree in half or damage it beyond repair while snow can add unbearable weight which either breaks and damages the branches or splits them. In such conditions you should immediately call for emergency tree removal and eliminate any further harm and danger from your way. UNI TREES has a crew with expertise in tackling such matter quickly and efficiently.

Leaning trees may also be a cause to worry. Though some trees grow at an angle overtime and aren’t causes for concern, a sudden bending and cracking could be a danger alarm.

 Do not take any risks and call our professionals right away. We’ll send our team for emergency tree removal at your location in no time. Our highly equipped staff will deal with the precariously positioned tree, quite swiftly and efficiently to remove the danger and secure the area.

UNI TREES values honesty and integrity and provides tree services with respect and care. From basic pruning of a tree to removing a diseased tree, we’ve got you covered.